Danilo Wimmer

Danilo Wimmer

Danilo Wimmer

Hello and welcome to my sheet music website.

Here you will find sheet music of pieces I have composed for various projects - from simple exercises for piano to film music I have composed for some movies.

From now on, new pieces will be published here continuously and I am happy to share them with you.  You are also welcome to write to me if you have any questions - I will definitely get back to you and answer them as much as I can. Have fun playing and I hope to see you soon! Danilo Wimmer
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Steps for Two
Lost Memories
Classical / Piece


  • 20 April 2022, News
  • Take the next step with STEPS FOR TWO
  • "Steps for Two" - a composition for beginners. The player is invited to work with this piece from his/her own perspective, that's why I don't give any information about dynamics and interpretation. Only the tempo should be a little slower, I have set ...
  • 11 April 2022, News
  • Let's Jazz with the new Piece for Piano - "Lost Memories"
  • Here is a new piece for the piano: "Lost Memories", which I wrote in April 2022. The piece is about lost memories that gradually come back to the surface of consciousness. Slowly, thoughtfully and reflectively, the first signs of happiness are ...