• 20 апр 2022, Новости
  • Take the next step with STEPS FOR TWO
  • "Steps for Two" - a composition for beginners. The player is invited to work with this piece from his/her own perspective, that's why I don't give any information about dynamics and interpretation. Only the tempo should be a little slower, I have set it in the range around 60 bpm, but it can also be changed at will. Important: there are some tempo changes in the 2nd part of the piece, they are marked with "accelerando" and "rittardando", from the "tempo I" sign on it goes on normally again. Also ...
  • 11 апр 2022, Новости
  • Let's Jazz with the new Piece for Piano - "Lost Memories"
  • Here is a new piece for the piano: "Lost Memories", which I wrote in April 2022. The piece is about lost memories that gradually come back to the surface of consciousness. Slowly, thoughtfully and reflectively, the first signs of happiness are forming, but it is all still very tentative and anxious. The inner life of an anxious soul that is finally beginning to remember what is essential in its life. This piece is also suitable - once the harmony has been worked out - to be played in a classical ...
  • 08 апр 2022, Новости
  • "Lamentation" - Jetzt gratis! / For Free
  • Dieses langsame und zum Nachdenken erregende Klavierstück wurde ursprünglich für einen Kurzfilm geschrieben, aber da das Thema einer "Lamentation" sehr universell ist, biete ich dieses Stück auch als Noten für eine Interpretation am Klavier an - und das gratis. This slow and thought-provoking piano piece was originally written for a short film, but since the theme of a "lamentation" is very universal, I also offer this piece as sheet music for an interpretation on the piano - and for free. ...