11 апр 2022

Let's Jazz with the new Piece for Piano - "Lost Memories"

Here is a new piece for the piano: "Lost Memories", which I wrote in April 2022. The piece is about lost memories that gradually come back to the surface of consciousness. Slowly, thoughtfully and reflectively, the first signs of happiness are forming, but it is all still very tentative and anxious. The inner life of an anxious soul that is finally beginning to remember what is essential in its life.

This piece is also suitable - once the harmony has been worked out - to be played in a classical jazz trio. I can well imagine drums - with lots of hi-hat and snare with brushes - being played here and everything accompanied by the acoustic double bass. Maybe I'll write another arrangement for the trio in a later round.

The piece can be played by an experienced pianist, but also very easily by beginners. I also invite everyone to adapt the interpretation to their own playing style, and would also welcome improvisation.

Have fun with the piece and let me know how you liked it!



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